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Bare Metal Servers

Acquire bare metal speed, consistent performance, and the scalability of the cloud in a single-tenant environment.

Oman Data Park’s Bare Metal Cloud Servers solve the various issues inherent in today’s shared tenant virtual machines, caused by the use of a hypervisor and pre-installed operating systems which only serve to compromise speed and performance.

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Key Benefits

• Bare Metal Speed:

Optimized high-speed network for better efficiency and faster data transfers

• Consistent Performance:

Optimized processing performance of a dedicated server, without the uncertainty associated with shared environments.

• Fast deployment:

Bare Metal server are available in an hour or less for greatly reduced organizational downtime.

Connect Securely with ODP servers & devices within your environment via integration with Cloud Networks & ODP VPN Connect.
Boot Faster with more local storage & improved reliability and uptime, with RAID 1 mirrored boot devices that are hot-swappable with the capacity of storage your application needs to run.
Integrate easily with Bare Metal Cloud Servers with public, private clouds and dedicated servers using ODP VPN Connect or Bridge Connect.
Consolidate your virtualized workloads onto fewer Bare Metal Servers to reduce complexity as your applications scale.