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Network Zero Day Attack Prevention

Advanced threats have become so evasive that current technologies have proven to be unreliable for malware, forcing enterprise security strategies to shift from prevention to post breach detection and remediation. While detection and remediation will always be an important part of best practices, effective threat prevention is still the first order of business.

Our Network Zero Day Attack Prevention service automatically execute, analyze, and characterise all files that are suspicious but unconfirmed as malware in order to protect against attacks. The Network Zero Day attack prevention will protect and drop the malware from the network level before it reaches to your end point.

• Deep packet inspection engine.
• Deep content inspection.
• Intrusion prevention.
• Signature-based AV scanning, Network layer.
• Heuristic-based AV scanning, Network layer.
• Static-based AI AM scanning, Network layer.
• Behavioral based AI AM Analysis.
• Real time Zero day prevention mode.
• Endpoint agnostic for BYO or IOT devices.

• Advanced Protection for your business through blocking of customised and unknown malware that evades real-time protection by other systems.
• Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to protect your business against un-known attacks.
• Multi-stage data analysis process with machine learning, behavioural analysis, and other techniques to characterise and confirm previously undiscovered malicious content.
• Continuity for your business critical software without the risk of cyber attacks.



• Service offered under Fully managed or Unmanaged service options to suit your needs.
• Existing customers can contact your designated Account Manager for more details and service activation.
• New customers, please call 24171111 or email us.