Compliance Support
Business Continuity
Support Mission critical data
Restore On-demand

Back-up as a Service

Whether you are running a mission critical application, you have strict compliance requirements or you just want to eliminate the risk of Data lose, ODP managed Back-up service is your best choice.

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Key Features

• Three mediums: Tape Back-up; Disc Back-up and Cloud backup
• Automatic Back-up according to your policy
• Cartridge storage "Optional"
• Data restore on demand

Tape Back-Up

Automated back-ups customized to meet your policy, perfect for offsite back-up requirements, with a restore on demand option.

Disc Back-Up

flexible and centralized data protection with self-managed restore option or restore on demand by ODP's service deliver.

Cloud Back-Up

Your Data at your finger tip, whether you want to back-up a physical server, virtual server, cloud server, endpoint, mobile or just your Office 365 email we have selected the perfect solution for you, available on our online marketplace [Link to redirect to the Cloud backup page].