Social Media Cyber Security
Fully Managed
ISO27001 for Information Security Management System
24X7X365 SOC Security Operations Center

Managed Social Media Cyber Security

Protect your business and revenue from losses due to impersonating accounts stemming from social media.

Social Platforms have become a new cyber security battleground, presenting one of the largest and most dynamic risks to organizational security in decades. Modern organizations struggle with the scale, trusted nature, and lack of visibility of these platforms, ranging from targeted phishing and impersonated accounts to executive threats and data loss.

With Oman Data Park Social Media Cyber Security service we will only address suspect cases of fraud or brand abuse. It is important to note that the service will not report or take down sites related to a client’s online reputation, check trending or analyze/report on non-security issues relating to your brands/domains.

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ODP’s proposed Solution includes

• Continuous monitoring of social media for malicious activity in relation to risk and security threats, as well as brand reputational issues.
• Granting access to client for visibility and remediation capabilities, so that business and operations are not jeopardized due to unseen threats stemming from social networks.
• Identifying PII leakage, brand and employee impersonations, malware and phishing links and any specific use case.

We define the social objects (key employee profiles, company accounts, hashtags, keywords, etc.) to monitor. These, along with the customizable rule-sets in operation, create laser-focus for collection from the vast volume of unstructured social media data. ODP only collects the content surrounding your organization, content referencing an organization-specific keyword or phrase, or content/profiles interacting with your personnel, constituents, or organization.

ODP relies on advanced algorithms and customizable rule-sets to analyze social media data for any possible violation that matters to them. Our clients are their own greatest innovators, leveraging a white box policy generator, pre-built classifiers, and customizable rules to address their unique use cases.

The service will have an array of management actions, including white list, assign, email, or request takedown. Once a takedown has been requested, we directly liaise with the social networks to get malicious posts of profiles addressed and removed quickly and efficiently.