Optimized for Mission-Critical Applications
Dedicated Resources
Highly Secure
High Availability
Guaranteed Uptime

Private Cloud

Get the control, security, efficiency & privacy of the private cloud, with a dedicated cloud based datacenter accessible by a single organization. Our private cloud offering is available as a Managed Private Cloud "by ODP" or Self-Managed - Private Cloud "by the client".

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Key Benefits

Full Root Access: Giving you full control over your private cloud environment.
Scalability: Our solution architects have got you covered, ODP will design and deploy a Private Cloud that can easily scale to meet your growing business needs with up to 10x scalability options.
Mission-Critical Applications Enabled: Built with scalability and resilience, ODP offers infrastructure solutions tailored to meet your precise requirements.
Technical Dedicated Support: It is our commitment to provide you with the highest level of service, support and dedicated experts to assist you on a 24x7x365 basis using our ITSM tools, phone, or email.
Add-Ons: Engineered for peace of mind, include CPanels, SSL certificates for servers & website control panel at no additional cost.

Self-Managed Private Cloud

Optimized for Mission-Critical Applications: Ensuring Mission Critical Applications, translates into a solution with high availability, optimized operations, and scaling on demand.
Automation: offers users a self-service model, while ensuring rapid and uniform provisioning with fewer errors. The monitoring and reporting provided through automation can also help during compliance audits.
Dedicated Resources: Ensures a high performance compute, a high level of security & control, and allows you to address your security and compliance requirements.
Flexible Adoption: Tailoring the solutions to your specific needs, and the availability of pre-configured templates that can be made ready for quick use.
Security: Enjoy the enhanced security of a single-tenant environment with a physically isolated network, compute, and storage layers. Each Private Cloud infrastructure is 100% dedicated to each customer.

Managed Private Cloud

Offers the best of both worlds: It allows for greater scalability and utilization of IT resources, address the security and compliance concerns of public clouds, and keep you from getting bogged down in the complexities of managing their virtual infrastructure.
Controlled and personalized: Benefit from the ability to run your own private cloud within a personalized environment, and gain full control of your services and allocated resources. Leave all IT-related routine and on-time tasks to Oman Data Park.
Hybrid Cloud: Choose between the kind of deployment, OS, and technology, as well as which applications go on a private server and which ones go on a public cloud to align your requirements to your budget.