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Monitoring Services

Given the criticality of today’s IT infrastructures, IT monitoring is vital. If monitoring your IT assets round-the-clock is draining your resources, Oman Data Park’s Managed Monitoring services may be what you need.

ODP Data Center's Monitoring Services provide end-to-end proactive monitoring of customer's hosted servers, network equipment and applications. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are used in ODP Data Center where the best practices have also been adopted.

Several monitoring tools are used by the Network Operation Center (NOC) enabling proactive fault management, performance management and problems root-cause analysis.

Our operations and support team is comprised of highly skilled staff with superior technical expertise and multiple vendor and non-vendor certification. They are proactively monitoring your business critical services.
Ensuring the best services offered to its client.

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Key Benefits

• Instant visibility into operational issues, including OS, applications, databases, & networking.
• Real-time monitoring of servers, workstations, system processes, and user activity.
• Built-in Active Responses to automate IT issue resolution and improve incident response.
• Advanced, ad-hoc IT search with drag-and-drop query building for simplified searching.
• Powerful data visualization and point-and-click drill-down to easily surface events of interest.



Powerful and affordable fault and performance management that scales with rapid network growth and expands with network monitoring needs

Key Features

• Comprehensive Network Performance Monitoring
• Intuitive Point-and-Click Interface
• Advanced Alert Engine
• System IP reachability
• LAN cards and Interfaces status
• CPU, Memory, Disk Space utilization
• Processes and services
• Events and error log



Multi-vendor storage performance and capacity monitoring.

Key Features

• Multi-vendor storage monitoring
• Storage performance monitoring
• Automated storage capacity planning
• Storage I/O hotspot detection
• Prebuilt alerts and automatic baselines
• Storage environment reporting



Gain detailed visibility into IP address space usage.

Key Features

• Scheduled Scanning
• Preventative Alerting
• DHCP Server Integration
• Subnet & Scope Snapshots
• Free Unlimited IP Scanning
• Subnet Allocation Wizard
• Detailed Event Recording



Powerful monitoring, alerting, and reporting capabilities for applications and servers.

Key Features

• Application Dashboards
• User-Experience Monitors
• Dynamic Templates
• Application Discovery Engine
• Open Source Script Processor
• Performance Warning System
• Universal WMI Performance Monitors

External IP and URL monitoring

Key Features

• Single URL access from 4 geographically different locations (USA, Europe, Asia and Australia)
• Frequent Availability and response time measurements
• Alarms are set when response time exceeds a preset limit
• Alarms analysis and problem isolation