24x7 Protection
Volumetric Attack Protection
Fully Managed
ISO27001 for Information Security Management System

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Protection

Get protected from Distributed Denial of Service(DDoS) attacks that attempts to make your online service unavailable by overwhelming it with traffic; thereby shutting it down so that legitimate users cannot gain access. DDoS attacks can also be used as a cover for other malicious activities, the purpose of which is to take down security appliances, breaching the target’s security perimeter.

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Key Features

• Detect and block emerging application-layer DDoS attacks
• Deploy a turnkey solution to stop threats immediately
• Prevent illegitimate botnet communications by leveraging real-time security intelligence
• Mitigate volumetric attacks

Silver Package Gold Package Platinum Package
Blacklisting (Clients, Countries, IPs) Yes Yes Yes
Layer 7 Application DDoS Protection No Yes Yes
Atlas Botnet Prevention No Yes Yes
Volumetric Attacks Prevention Yes Yes Yes
Monthly Reporting No No Yes
SSL traffic protection No No Yes
Traffic Analysis Report No No Yes
Cleaning Black holing only Black holing only Cleaning
Phone Support No No Yes
E-Mail Support 8x5 8x5 24x7