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DMARC Services

Protect your domain against phishing, most senders are not aware who is sending email on their behalf. It is important to get a clear overview of these sources to be able to protect your domain from abuse/phishing.

By implementing Oman Data Park’s Domain-Based Message Authentication, Reporting, & Conformance (DMARC) services you can gain insight into these sources, as well as phishers which may be harming your company and reputation.

After making sure you have protected all your valid email flows, you are able to block phishing mails before they reach the Inbox of your esteemed clients.

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The DMARC process involves

• Domain-Based: You can setup a DMARC policy for each of your domains and track the usage of that particular domain.
• Message: Obviously the covers protection of email messages.
• Authentication: The reports gives insight in the authentication of these messages.
• Reporting: The results are reported.
• Conformance: You can instruct ISP’s how they should handle invalid messages.

The DMARC data can be filtered based on a specific date range. We also provide tips on which hosts may not yet be fully optimized; so that you can directly link to the third party documentation about this subject in that specific tool. Based on our solid backend the overview are near-real-time and very fast.

The forensic reports are available within our tool. This allows you to track invalid email flows faster. The report shows items grouped based on the subject of the detailed message, and are expandable to show detailed results for the messages, inclusive of message headers.

Reports with the current status of your DMARC implementation can be requested on a daily or weekly basis. Regular checks on the DMARC set-up & compatibility rate for all your domains is achieved through the reports provided. After moving your policy to reject, you should keep tracking the DMARC statistics to prevent new invalid email flows from occurring.